What We Do

At Concinnity Consulting we work with organizations to create the environment, processes, and structure where both organization and individuals win. Our approach includes strategic planning & execution, values clarification, change management, cultural transformation, organization design and executive coaching.

Strategy & Values Execution

The challenge with strategy today is that you are building a plan to arrive at some future destination, most of the time knowing that the destination doesn't yet exist. In our approach to Strategy we focus on the direction the organization needs to head, not the destination. This has a powerful effect on the organization, enlisting and focusing all resources in the same direction.

Strategic Planning has become more important in every company — providing direction in an environment that is consistently changing.

Today more companies, than ever before, have spent valuable time with their Senior Management Teams creating a strategy for their organization. Sad, but true is that the value that most of these companies have received from this effort is a “fat binder” to put on the shelf.

Whether we assist in the initial Strategic Planning process or we are engaging when the binders have started collecting dust - we focus on “execution” - converting strategy to results.

Strategy becomes more than an idea in a binder when someone takes accountability for making it happen. We provide proven processes and tools to assist you in executing your strategy.

Values are also key to guiding an organization. In an environment that increasingly demonstrates that those organizations that do not have core values imbedded in their culture are vulnerable to internal destruction. We provide the experience, tools and processes to define an organizations values and help you instill these desired values with all employees. Values are key to a path of organization success and sustainable results.

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