What We Do

At Concinnity Consulting we work with organizations to create the environment, processes, and structure where both organization and individuals win. Our approach includes strategic planning & execution, values clarification, change management, cultural transformation, organization design and executive coaching.

Change Management

All organizations are perfectly designed to get their current results. If your company desires different results than you are currently achieving, decisions must be made to better align with your company’s business model, strategy and values.

Our Change Management technology, (Systems Framework model), allows you to address organization alignment problems from a systemic and holistic approach which deals with root causes, not just symptoms. This produces sustainable changes that improve your business processes and results.

Many companies are frustrated and experience failure in their change initiatives ... often when they have done a thorough job of getting the “technical fix” right. What they have missed is managing change systemically and coordinating all the elements of change (i.e. vision, the case for change, understanding, communications, buy-in, commitment, ownership and execution). We guide you and your organization in addressing the key elements of change.

Systems Framework We use the Systems Framework model (pdf) to assess and implement what the organization needs to do differently. The model consists of a series of design elements (formal and informal) that are controllable by management and that drive wealth creation, business results, and employee behavior.

The decisions that management make in their Leaders, Structure, Processes, People, & Rewards shapes the culture and drive business results.

“If you always do what you have always done ... you will always get what you have always got.”

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