What We Do

At Concinnity Consulting we work with organizations to create the environment, processes, and structure where both organization and individuals win. Our approach includes strategic planning & execution, values clarification, change management, cultural transformation, organization design and executive coaching.

Difficult Decision Making

Critical & important business decisions are often laced with complexity, incomplete information, time constraints, turf issues, etc.

Complicating all of this is that the people making the decisions usually see things differently – each having their own perspective.

Conversations about these important business decisions usually spin in circles - not move forward towards a decision. People continue to have their own perspectives, producing frustration for the group and the organization. Additionally, people often leave these conversations thinking that they have reached a decision only to find that each person has a different understanding of what action should be taken.

We provide the facilitation skills and tools to enable your team / group to effectively make the best informed choices for the business. This process creates the understanding and commitment with all members that leads to successful execution of initiatives and achieving targeted business results.

We help by:

  • drawing out the critical information (fact based) to build a common understanding of the issues
  • facilitating each member of the group to advocate their position and reasoning
  • enable people to inquire into the reasoning of others
  • creating individual commitment to group decisions
  • identifying group impact / consequences (positive / negative) for each individual keeping commitments

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