What We Do

At Concinnity Consulting we work with organizations to create the environment, processes, and structure where both organization and individuals win. Our approach includes strategic planning & execution, values clarification, change management, cultural transformation, organization design and executive coaching.

Performance Management

Every company has a Performance Management process - some are formal and others are informal. But few have a Performance Management process that is leveraged to drive results.

A common mistake is to use Performance Management systems as a “once a year” compliance process, used to evaluate employees past performance and give them a pay increase. Often the written evaluation is a justification for the pay recommendation and not a reflection on their performance. Performance Management systems that work are used to interact with employees frequently to align with organization goals, give timely feedback on progress, and develop needed skills and competencies. This type of system drives business results through employee performance.

“We have to undo a 100-year-old concept and convince our managers that their role is not to control people and stay ‘on top’ of things, but rather to guide, energize and excite.” - Jack Welch

Performance Management must be usable, value added and result driven. The best systems must be linked to critical organization elements (Strategy, Values, Leadership & Employee Development, Rewards, Culture, etc.)

We provide the process and tools for a Performance Management System that works for your people & for your organization!

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