What We Do

At Concinnity Consulting we work with organizations to create the environment, processes, and structure where both organization and individuals win. Our approach includes strategic planning & execution, values clarification, change management, cultural transformation, organization design and executive coaching.

Results Oriented Teams

Often we are contacted to work with teams that are dysfunctional. We are asked to help with relationship and turf issues between team members.

Over time we have discovered that working with teams and only focusing on the relationship issues misses the real issues and does not lead to a sustainable solution. Team Development is best accomplished when focused on driving common goal to achieve team results. We have many experiences where we have worked with teams that openly dislike each other, but achieve great results. What these teams do have is a respect for each other’s contribution to the team.

We have developed a process that brings teams together around goals, accountability and results. This process is based on alignment to the organization's Strategy and Goals. We assist in building trust among members of the team based on the commitments and contribution of each team member.

This is not a three-day team-building workshop. This is a process with tools that a team uses in all of their interactions. The skills and tools used in this process are taught working on current/significant team issues and objectives. Development of these skills takes time, as team members must change their current behaviors and adopt behaviors that deliver the results that each member has committed to.

This process / intervention increases a teams capability to reach or exceed their objectives and productivity.

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